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Where did it all begin?

Firsty, we are best friends who have been in each others lives since we were 8 years old!


And we won't tell you how long that has been in total, however, let's just say it is more than 30 years!

We both have so much passion for business and have had since we can remember. We could easily talk all day long about anything to do with business, branding, management, and everything that being an entrepreneur entails. In fact, we could talk all day long about absolutely anything in all honesty, especially if there was a bottle of our favourite French Rosé involved!

We really are the bestest of friends who have been through so much together, so it just seemed right to join forces and bring MOOSKIN to the world.

Amy is a Beauty Therapist and founded a Beauty brand called Mooeys

"My salons and training centres specialise in Nails and Waxing, and I was getting so frustrated that the products available to Beauty Therapists, especially for waxing treatments, were so poorly made. They were full of artificial fragrance, had no natural properties and were not what I wanted to put on my clients, especially after intimate waxing. So, I teamed up with an incredible Aromatherapist who helped me create a signature blend of essential oils. I wanted a blend that not only smelled amazing, but also had the super healing and soothing properties found in pure essential oils that I would be happy to use after waxing treatments. 

And that's where the range started; all with a signature blend of beautiful and natural oils. From there the range was developed into products that I am so proud of. We love using them in our salons, and our clients love them too". 

Tracey has a wealth of experience in the tech and entrepreneurial space and appreciates excellent quality, especially when it comes to her beauty routine.

"I am always cautious when it comes to skincare as I have sensitive skin, but Amy asked me for my 'honest' opinion, and after being friends for so long, how could I refuse?  So, I agreed to test the range. Not only did the scent blow me away, but after a few uses of each product, my skin had improved dramatically!
Having gone from using nine high-value beauty products, to now using only three, feels like another level. Not only did I give my sincere opinion, but I also encouraged Amy to take this to the broader market so you could all experience my skin rejuvenation."

In the summer of 2021, over numerous glasses of our favourite pink tipple and hours of chat - it was an easy decision to collaborate and get this range out there into the big wide world of beauty products. After all, it would be a shame to only offer this in the Mooeys salons, wouldn’t it?

MOOSKIN really is a revolutionary product line that reduces your need for numerous skincare products. It is so good for your skin it's unreal, and if it's good enough for freshly waxed areas, it's good enough for anywhere; right!

You'll thank us later!

Amy & Tracey xx



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