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  • Our Signature Blend of scruminess.


    Only pure essential oils. You won't find anything artificial here, especially no fragrance oils.


    Bottles are 10ml in size


    How does it smell? Well if you think of your favourite spa combined with English summertime, you will be pretty close. It's something super spesh.

    Essential Oil Blend

    SKU: MWEO0006
    • How to use me
      I will make your house smell incredible, but if you want to use me in a diffuser, make sure you add me to water too. I make a great bath time companion and can be added directly to your bubbly water, or mix me with a tablespoon of either normal or plant based milk to help me disperse in the water.

      When to use me
      Whenever you are taking some time out for you, or want your house to smell absolutely divine.

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