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  • What do the products smell like?
    Well, when Amy first worked on the signature blend, the brief was to have something that smelled like England in the summer, that made you feel happy and positive, with a fragrance that wasn't overpowering, but made you wonder what was in it as it is so unique. And that's exactly what we got. Some say it smells really spa-like (that's the Neroli) and others say it smells so different to anything they have smelt before. NB:The Signature blend is not in the Calm - this is a blend of Aloe Vera and Rose Water
  • Why don't your products come in boxes?
    Simply because we feel that they are a waste of money and more unnecessary packaging. The majority of people we asked, throw the boxes in the recycling bin pretty much after opening their products - what a waste! We know it can be tricky when you have aluminium bottles, as they damage easily - however we felt that the reduction in waste and packaging was more important.
  • Why do you have such a minimal range of products?
    Because we have found that we can reduce the need for so many products with a minimal range, and this really does help the planet without sacrificing quality. We have got into a lifestyle where we have products for every different part of the body, and when we really thought about what we need, it felt right - keeping beauty simple. We don't need a separate cream for hands, feet, and the body. The only separate products we need are for the face and body - we definitely wouldn't recommend using our oil and lotion on your face. (Although some have and absolutely love it,) as we think it's a bit heavy for your gorgeous face. If you can have one product that has 4 or 5 different functions, and that smells amazing - doesn't that seem better than having various products sitting on your shelf only being used now and again? We think so!
  • Can I refill my bottles?
    We would love to be in a position one day where the high street stores stocked our products and everyone could take the freshly finished and washed out bottles of MOOSKIN in for a cheeky refill. But until that day is here, we can only offer refill services in the Mooeys salons. You would need to give your bottle a good clean out with soapy water, then rinse and let it dry. Once you have done that, pop along to any of our salons and they can ether refill it for you, or you can do it yourself. You will even save a few quid too.
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