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  • A Natural combination of Aloe Vera and Rose water to cleanse, soothe and tone your skin.


    How does it smell?

    Like an English garden full of roses - it's beautiful!


    What's the deal with pumps?

    Please try and reuse your pumps where possible as they aren't easily recycled. This is why we have the option to have your fave products either with or without pumps. There's no price difference, but we want to try and save as much waste as possible.

    Calm - Tonic

    PriceFrom £7.95
    • How to use me
      Spritz me all over for hydration and toning, or apply me to cotton pads to cleanse.
      Suitable for all skin types.

      When to use me
      I am versatile and super hydrating. You can use me as a gentle make-up remover, toner or cleanser. I am great for everyday use.
      I also make the perfect holiday companion as I cool, hydrate and calm sun-kissed skin.

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